Biblical Responsible Investing

A Christian approach to investing with Biblical Integrity. BRI Advisors help align your investments with Biblical Stewardship and become a responsible investor.

Debt Slayer

Just imagine for a moment what it would be like to be debt free. Instead of wondering if there will be any money left after paying the bills, you would have total control over your cash flows.

Missions Local

It’s not always necessary to travel half-way around the world on a mission trip.God is inspiring more and more people to begin their own consistent acts of service right in their own backyard.

Stewardship Mastery

As we mature in our spiritual life, we begin to understand that stewardship goes beyond tithing 10%, or an hour in church on Sunday, it’s about giving back to God what is God’s.

Biblical Responsible Investing

Biblical Responsible Investing (BRI) is an investment philosophy that embraces the need for real world results, here and now, without negating the eternal significance of our investment decisions. It is purposely choosing to invest without compromising one’s own moral beliefs.

Connect With MTM Ministries

Bringing people closer to God by providing the wisdom and services that lift the impoverished up, transforming the needy into conduits of God’s blessing, and by providing Stewardship tools and resources that help people live financial lives of Biblical Integrity

Mark and his team are always willing to share in the blessing from God and the love of Jesus Christ.

Connect with the MTM Ministries team today and begin your journey to be a Biblical Responsible Investor.

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